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Glorious 40,000 Post Reich of the Flying Purple Hippos Clan
FPH Clan

Pink Pink Pink Reichsflusspferd
Flag Coat of arms
Lief, woooo!
Location of Bouvetoya
Location of Bouvetoya
Capital Hippopolis
Language(s) English
Religion Hippoism
Government Brutal Fascist Dictatorship
 - 2011-2012 Lief Ericson
 - 2011-2012 Shusky
 - 2011-2012 Darkflame
Webmaster Dude
 - 2006-current Elpea
Historical era Imperial Age
 - Established: 21 May 2011
 - Glorious Revolution: 21 May 2011
 - FPH Decennial Jubilee: 03 June 2011
 - Start of FPC 2011: 14 June 2011
 - Deadminization of Lief:[1] 11 March 2012
 - Replaced:[2] 13 March 2012
Currency Dugong

The Glorious 40,000 Post Reich of the Flying Purple Hippos Clan was one of the iterations of the FPH Clan, this time under the iron fist of the great Lief Ericson.

Bloody Revolution[]

Main article: Tea Hall Putsch

By early 2011, democratic progress had come to a standstill. In the April 2011 Elections, Hal was replaced by Lief, who was subsequently impeached. In the May 2011 Elections, Lief was winning again, but the next leader was impeached before the elections even ended. Many templars were discontent with this failure of democracy, with all the democratic impeachment votes succeeding.

A previously underground movement, the Purpleshirts, a fascist organisation with strict hierarchy and total discipline under Umholi Lief Ericson, marched the streets and took over before the third election in a row could take place.

Glorious Events[]

Under its new ruler Lief Ericson, the clan fared much better than it did under the past two men to win the elections, resp. Lief Ericson and Lief Ericson. Many glorious events and festivities were organised, including the June 2011 Decennial Jubilee and the 2011 Flying Purple Cup.

Decline and end[]

During the early months of 2012, Lief found himself under the sway of the vile influence of pro-cronaldism. Darkflame then went and unadmined him for that, starting the Cronaldo and Chocolate Wars. Then Shusky de-admined Darkflame too, starting the de facto reign of Shusky in the Transitional Empirette of Flying Purple Huskies.