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Admin Wars
Glorious street battle.jpg
The revolution was televised
Date 14 April 2009
Location The Forums
Result Overthrow of the Theiasist Government
Casus belli Article IX, Illegality of the Theiasist coup d'état, etc.[1]
Free State of OTD
FPH Webmasters
Nile Penguins[2]
Theiasist FPH Clan
Shusky, General
FlyingMonkey, Gen.
Darkflame, Gen.
Mike, Jew
Elpea, Webmaster
Overlord Council[3]
Beatrix, Queen
Theias, King
Lief, Prime Minister
SoggyFrog, General
3,254 3,109
Missing in Action
Vehicles Destroyed
45 Crab Tanks
Missing in Action

The Admin Wars (also known as Admin War, Glorious April Revolution, The Glorious 14th of April, 2009 Civil War, 2009 Constitutional Crisis, and The Theias - Free State War) were a series of battles over control of the Admin CP and the Forums fought between two factions of Templars which took place ont he 14th of April 2009. The conflict, brewing ever since the Clan elected Theias Leader, was triggered by Theias seizing power via Article IX.


Several factors contributed to the outbreak of hostilities. Theias's leadership has always been controversial due to his distinct Canadianity, a fact which angered the Nile Penguins and the Templars associated with them. OTD administration under Theias in particular was full of Penguin sympathisers. OTD briefly seceded in January but the situation was eventually calmed down by Theias. However, the plot thickened.

Proposition 2[]

Main article: Article IX

When Proposition 2's Article IX became legal, Theias gained infinite power and canceled the elections which were supposed to take place that April. This pissed people and penguins off and caused OTD to proclaim independence as the Free State of OTD.

Course of the war[]

Goat refugees from the Cataphractery cross the mountains from Dusty Temples to reach the refugee camp in FPH News 24/7

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Everything pingponged from one side to the other all the time and it was a huge awful mess. Theiasist FPH was firmly entrenched in the STTPX, which is uphill from OTD; fierce battles took place over the Cataphractery in particular. Many goats and people were displaced and had to wander around aimlessly all around the goddamned place.

Eventually after HOURS UPON HOURS of fighting, Elpea made a program that made Theias's name a security threat to the forums code so Theias had to be renamed so Article IX, which mentioned Theias my name, was rendered void, so FSoOTD ended up seizing control over the Admin CP and the whole clan.


A whole crapload of propaganda was produced to inspire the population of OTD to take up arms against the regime. Most notable were the posters, a YouTube film, an elephant ballet trumpeting El Gran Carlemany, and inspiring slogans like NO SOGGYRAN shouted all around.

The Canadians were less into the whole propaganda thing and more into the whole "do terrible things to dissidents" thing, which admittedly also had its inspiring properties.


The April elections took place after all, leading the Clan into the Dark Flame Ages. The Penguino-Hippopotamian alliance was restored.

Soggy kidnapped the skin but then Soggy returned the skin.

The Hippoyeux tapestry was created to chronicle the revolution, and is on display in Myth Forum. Or will be once DF reuploads it

Actual Legacy of the Admin War[]

Soggy's kidnapping of the skin ended up saving the clan during the Hacker Attack of 2009, because there was now a backup of everything and there wasn't before and we would have been launched back (forward?) to the stone ages.

Further Watching[]


FPBC - Admin War

A 2011 documentary on the Admin War by FPBC.