Antarctica (orthographic projection)


Antarctica ([1]i/ænˈtɑrktɨkə/ or /æntˈɑrtɨkə/), legally known in international law as the Flying Purple Province of Antarctica, is Earth's southernmost continent, and also the FPH Clan's southernmost territory. It is world's driest continent, and also most elevated and coldest and it has mosses and rocks.

It's kind of a shithole


It means "like the Arctic except there's ants". There are no ants in the Arctic because the Arctic is just a floating bunch of ice, whereas there's solid rock underneath the antarctic ice, providing suitable conditions for anthill development. Lots of ants means no roaches, so that's good.


SoggyFrog, FPH clan's designated biologist, is preparing an entomological expedition to Antarctica to expand knowledge on the continent's subglacial ant colonies.


Someone discovered Antarctica in the 19th century. A bunch of Norwegians reached the South Pole in the 20th century. Talon conquered it for FPH in the 21st century which is irl what happened.


Antarctica is world's second largest exporter of snow, after Canada, moss, after Canada, liquid sorrow, after Canada, and penguins, after Egypt. It trades via Cape.


We'll install someone permanently once it thaws a bit

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