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April 2010 Elections

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5 April 2010 - 30 April 2010
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Turnout 20
  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Theias Shusky Lief
Party Theiasist Reaction Shuskycracy[1] Theiasist Reaction[2]
Home country Canada Poland Texas
Votes after IRV 10 10
Popular vote ? ? ?

Nominee Darkflame
Party PlaDForm[3]

Home country Netherlands
Popular vote ?

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The April 2010 Leader Elections were a landmark election in the spring of 2010. They are recognized as a symbolic point in clan history for several reasons, most notably as being the last sincere example of Heroic politics well into the Mythic Age, and also as the last FPH leader elections with a turnout of 20 or more.

The Elections[]

The elections started very old-timeyly in nature, with an earnest discussion about forum jokes, pitting Canadians and allies against Europeans against each other. Shusky blatantly bribed his way into the process[4].

Possibly the last genuine, if somewhat half-assed, elections drama ensued during the voting. As admins were too lazy to detemplarize inactive templars, the Theias campaign effort messaged them to vote for him in droves[5]. This, combined with IRV, has lead to a clusterfuck, which Elpea eventually resolved by calling an additional round of voting[6].

Like, holy shit, Elpea resolved the shit out of that clusterfuck.

Like there's a clusterfuck and then Elpea comes and is all "what up motherfucker" and BAM there is no clusterfuck left.

So anyway the additional round was a draw, leading, in a truly Mythic fashion, to the Shusky/Theias term.