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April 2011 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections

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11 Apr 2011 21:30 CET -
18 Apr 2011 21:30 CET

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Turnout 13
  Cornelius bear.jpg Darkflame.jpg Nidhogg.gif
Nominee Lief Darkflame Nidhogg13
Party LIEF4PRESIDENT 2011[1] Operation Beatrixify[2] Vote for a Her☹[3]
Home country USA Netherlands Canada
Votes after IRV 7 6 0
Popular vote 5 5 2
Percentage 38.5% 38.5% 15.4%

  Combination ticket.png
Nominee SoggyFrog
Party Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bells Ticket[4][5][6]

Home country Canada
Votes after IRV 0
Popular vote 1
Percentage 7.7%

Purple Eminence before election


Elected Purple Eminence


The April 2011 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections happened. Lief won them without a campaign thread somehow? Also Soggy tried very hard again and won some hearts but no first place votes but a million second place votes. I feel bad for not making him dictator of the clan


Lief took action into his own hands immediately, creating the Committee to Organize the Elimination of Raider's Posts[7] to further his deletionist causes. This caused the first open anti-deletionist protests since the Great Raider's Posts Purge. On the issue of a new constitution, Lief was especially assertive, creating the Committee to Name the Committee for the Drafting of a Constitution[8] and the Committee to Decide Proper Committee Procedures and Organization[9].


In a nefarious plot to stay in charge forever undemocratically (see also deadlydenturism), Shusky and Darkflame started impeachment procedures against Lief immediately, stripping him of admin powers for a week. They then proceeded to vote against the impeachment, instead preferring to start new impeachment procedures every week forever and ever. Then no one did anything for a week, two people changed their votes because everything was boring, and lief was impeached with like three votes in favour or something.[10] The May 2011 Elections were then called. Experts agree that part of the reason no one did anything might be that everyone who wanted to use admin powers didn't have any, but other experts vigorously disagree.