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Someone ought to clean this once in a while

The Archives forum, also known as the Dusty Temples, is an archive where all the old forums that are no longer used are stored. It's a seriously creepy place.


The disused ancient forums[]

Ladder/Tournaments and Design Forum are beasts from ancient world now entombed beneath the dust of dusty temples. There's also a Petitions/Complaints from its brief resurfacing in 2009. Other Games Randomness got just merged into The Cataphractery instead, as was the Guild Wars forum.

The Elections[]

All elections forums are stored in the Archives, with appropriate quotes. They are stored there in case a recount is ever needed


The Tower of Insanity[]

The Tower of Insanity is a custom-built structure which we needed to store approximately two thousand forums which Hal had created in a Halesque moment of pure Hal. Some forums have threads in them, but it is ill-advised to even attempt to click there.

The Umlaut Mines[]

Most of mined material was actually common umlauts like ü

The deepest caverns of the forums house the umlaut mines, where the strangest umlauts were mined for (such as Ǚ). Miners were reportedly jeopardized by eldritch creatures from the depths of the forums[1]. The umlaut mines closed down after we discovered how to make synthetic umlauts.


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