Article IX was the ninth article of the Constitution during the Theiasist FPH Clan. It established the Clan as a dictatorship with Theias in charge.


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During the Heroic FPH Clan, the constitution required all leader elections and amendment votes to be conducted by cVote. However, by 2009, the cVote forum extension had been lost for a few years. To avoid legislative paralysis, leader elections and amendmend votes were performed in threads named (or subtitled) "cVote". During the Theias Administration, discontent over this loophole lead to the suggestion of a Proposition to fix this.

The PropositionEdit

Purple Eminence Theias suggested two Propositions to the constitution: One to limit the amount of times people could change their votes, and one ostensibly to fix the cVote Loophole.[1] However, hidden in a deca95 font of proposition 2, Theias had hidden Article IX:

—Theias, thread

Proposition 2 was passed nigh-unanimously, with only Raider and FlyingMonkey voting Nay.[2] Theias was leader of the FPH Clan forever. The April 2009 Elections, now unconstitutional, were cancelled.[3]


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With the Theiasist FPH Clan thus established, anger over the Canadian trickery came to a head. The Free State of OTD declared independence, supported by the Nile Penguins. By 9:39 UTC, Civil War was upon the Clan.[4] The fight for control of the Forums was bloody and stretched across most forums and the Admin CP.

The Terrorist ThreadEdit

Most of the Constitution had been rendered null and void by Article IX, but Article IV was still in effect. A terrorist faction within the Free State movement decided to abuse this by targeting the Administrators of the Clan. They threatened to fry the servers if there was still someone named Theias in the Clan. This allowed the Administrators, aknowledged Free State sympathisers, to rename Theias, with legal backup from Article IV.

ARICLE IV: The forums should be at all times maintained by at least two Administrators: the Leader and the Webmaster. The Webmaster may interfere with his administrative powers only to either prevent security issues with the server or to remove obviously shocking and/or illegal materials. The Webmaster may not run in Leader elections.
—Constitution, thread

To save the servers from this threat, Administrator Mike renamed Theias to THXXS.[5] This action, described by neutral observers as "very Reichstag"[6] was not welcomed with open arms by the Theiasists, but the power shift had occurred already. The Clan had no leader, and Mike took over until the May 2009 Elections.


The Clan continued, ignoring Article IX, ever unsure over its constitutional status. This unsureness was reinforced by allegations that proposition 2 was never actually passed, although Theiasists accused the Free State of retroactive vote-tampering and were right.[7] All the confusion, combined with the lack of an agreed-upon constitution or even the old constitution, led the clan to continue based on tradition rather than constitution as the Mythic FPH Clan. The pre-Article IX constitution was available here the entire time though, and no one noticed.


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