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Shuskee Shuskee 6 January 2012

More Horribly Important Pages To Add

Age of Games ES Games AoE AoK AoK:TC AoM AoM:TT Ao3 AoEO Robot Entertainment Cataphract FPH (Unit) History of Pre-release AoM

HeavenGames KoRT Discovery of FPH FPH Conquest of AoMH

Talleyrand SPBaPE FPH Templar Leader

FIFPA Flying Purple Cup FPC (trophy) Deff Blatter

FPH Forums OTD SD STTPX Cataphractery MAFR

Politics of FPH n00ds m0ds The Establishment NNA BTP Ninja Party Freudpartei FPH Grand Old Bloat

Joe the Hobo's Dubious News Agency Goat News

Also pretty much add a shitload Nile Penguin to be more about Nile Penguins and less not about Nile Penguins

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Liefisthebest Liefisthebest 6 January 2012

i'm just in this for the achievements


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NilePenguin NilePenguin 2 January 2012

Cool shit to add:

AoK, pr2's mom, Flying Purple Hippo (Unit), Templar, FPH Island, Reynald de Chatillon, Elpea, SEXITUP, A Computer That Can Simulate A Better Computer, AoM Alpha, Blue Footed Boobies, Heavengames, Soggyfrog's Filmography, List of Giant Football Threads, Party Lake, Yams and Wives Trade, List of Ignored Constitutions, List of Worst Diplo Moves, Lief Ericson, The Great Raider Post Purge, Bruce Shelley, World Domination, ICEBURN, Irony Levels, Flying Purple Stock Market, Mafia, Nuns Mafia, Capitalists and Communists Mafia, Mafia Games Mafia, Teal Hippos, Mangonel, Raspberries, Spatula, and List of Templars by E-Penis Size, also stuff here.

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