Bouvetoyan Idealism (also spelled Bouvetøyan Idealism by smartasses) may refer to one of two schools of modern Philosophy:

Fortunately these two things are literally the exact same thing so I don't need to make a disambiguation page.


Bouvetoyan Idealism was thought up at one of the great annual parties hosted in the room of the Rector Bibeticus of the University of Bouvetøya. Multiple individuals claim to have thought of the central concept first, including Hal, Squeak Al-Ra and Joe the Hobo. It has since been further developed at the University's world-famous faculty of bullshit.


The theory of Bouvetoyan Idealism regards the relation between FPH Isle and the island of Bouvetoya. Its central thesis states that Bouvetoya is an imperfect reflection upon the ideal truth that is the Flying Purple Hippo Island. It is as such either its closest manifestation on earth or an insult to the Golden Hippo, depending on your degree of religious fanaticism, your degree of historical awareness, and your degree in bullshit from the University of Bouvetoya.

Schools of Bouvetoyan IdealismEdit

Traditional bouvetoyan idealists hold that this is basically like Plato on lsd. Critical bouvetoyan idealists hold that it is total crap. Post-critical bouvetoyan idealists hold that it is both crap and not crap at the same time, and provides us with insight into the true nature of stupid and also not.

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