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AoK Cataphract, here pictured cataphractin'

Cataphracts are the main protagonists of the "Age of" games series. A cataphract consists of two parts: an armoured dude and an armoured pony. Cataphracts wreck everything and should be swarmed and when you run out of pop space for cataphracts you should delete your villagers and build more cataphracts


The word comes from Greek κατάφρακτος which means "holy shit check this out that pony is completely armoured". They originated in Scythia or Parthia or whatever and then everyone ripped them off because they were awesome.

In Age games[]

Age of Empires[]

Cataphracts were the ultimate upgrade of AoE's pony line. This means they glowed yellow and kicked ass. AoE players say the upgrade isn't worth the money but AoE players are dumb and should shut up.

Age of Kings[]

Cataphracts were the Byzantine UU. They upgraded to Elite Cataphracts and then in The Conquerors you could also give them trample damage and basically you were in cataphract heaven.

Age of Mythology[]

Cataphracts hanged out in the scenario editor. AoM's scenario editor was for this reason better than the game itself.

Age of Empires III[]

There were no cataphracts in Ao3 and this is the reason Ao3 is nowhere near as awesome as other Age games. In fact, had they not included War Elephants in x-packs, it wouldn't be considered a game at all.

Age of Empires Online[]

There are cataphracts for the Persians in AoEO and they kill everything. They kill absolutely everything and wield spears the size of entire buildings because WHY NOT

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