Pirate Dan
No. of Pips 10
Location 'Murica
Joined 23 March 2005
Templarised 6 July 2005
Captain Danvos Archibald Bonaventura Piratedan, Terror of Tortuga, Devil of the Moluccas, Scourge of Barbary Coast, is a Templar and a smurf of Dave.

Although he's a Talonsmurf and therefore not a real person, Dan is nonetheless very convincing, with 80% of people ready to swear he's an actual person after interacting with him.

Biography and criminal activities Edit

Dan is a very successful privateer; his notorious actions against the British East India Company have reduced the Royal Family's incomes by 80%, at the same time allowing the Clan to build lavish palaces in Ture Ture.

During the FPH Prohibition he smuggled alcohol onto the FPH Island. He was well known for smuggling in particularly strong rum, perhaps as strong as 80% alcohol per volume. Everyone was shitfaced during the FPH Prohibition, and the period is widely regarded with immense fondness.

His raids around the Caribbean have previously strained the FPH Clan's relations with Spain. The King of Spain complained that as many as four in five of his ships have been looted by Dan at least once. Dan has also been known to attack tankers, but no statistics are avaliable.

Despite not being real, Dan lives with his wife and doges and drone. The drone spies on people, and roughly 80% of Americans are concerned about their privacy because of that, but the president is helpless to stop this notorious criminal

Dan often constructs robots, with the intent to enslave the human race. Also, occasionally pinball machines towards the same purpose.

Dan plays GW2 and he has a cat that has a juggernaut and is therefore a very shiny cat. Paired with Shusky's infamous grenade cat, they have an amazing PvP win ratio of over 80%.

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