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Darkflame's Law of Articles

Darkflame's Law of Articles is a scientifically proven law stating that the awesomeness of an FPH Wiki article is proportional to the number of sidebars it displays.

Leaders of the FPH Clan
Fphflag.png Martin (dd coup) • Avenger (Fajita Junta) • FropHalAvenger (2) • RaiderShuskyLiefShusky (2) • ElpeaHal (2) • TheiasTheiasist FPH and Admin WarsDarkflamehotchipsShusky (3) & Theias (2) • Hal (3) • Lief (2) • Reich and Empirette period • Avenger (3) • SoggyfrogAdolf HitlerChiron_wpTalon (King) • Corpse of ParrotmanLief (3) and Raider (2) (Emperors)
FPH Clan Objectives
Putting FPHs in AoM ☑ • Putting FPHs in Ao3 ☑ • World Domination
Ministries of FPH Government
Temple Ministry of Hippo Relations
Temple Drive Ministries of the InteriorExteriorMidteriorMisc. TeriorNexterior
TreasuryWorWorld Domination
Temple By-Drive Ministries of Abundant BureaucracyAbundant DemocracyClosed Forum Moderation
Forms Except For Those Regarding Strawberry Regulations
Forms Regarding Strawberry Regulations
Bitching About Raspberry Superiority to Strawberry
Snidely Replying to STTP Inquiries
DMoF Ministries of CookiesDugongsJewsExcessive Luxuries
Road of Broken Mice Ministries of ES GamesES-esque GamesOther GamesProcrastination
Port-aux-Hippeaux Ministries of CanadiansFranceKeeping Batlord Appeased
Penguin RelationsPenguino-Canadian Peace Talks
Avenue of Frustrated Johns Accident Investigation Board • Ministry of Managing Brothel Opening Hours
Bessie's Olde Roade Ministries of HealthHuman Reproductive OrgansLivestockPoultry
Plus One Plaza Ministries of Gruesome Baby DeathsHateHitlerHorrific Threads
Lame Cultural ReferencesNot Being Funny

OTD Forum Administration:
Embassy of the Free State of OTD or Department of OTD Moderation
or Autonomous Community of OTD

Unknown Bureau of Introducing More Bureaucracy While Nobody Is Looking
Ministry of Making Ministry Pages
Ministries of the Kingdom
Ministry of Internal Affairs
The FPH Forums
Current Events Purple News NetworkThe CataphracterySecret Templar Tea Party
Heritage Stuff MythsArchives (Tower of InsanityUmlaut MinesDesign Forum)
Discussions Off-Topic DiscussionsSerious DiscussionsSporty Threads for Sporty Templars
Secret Terrordome 3000 (Diamond Mountain of FuckFlusspferdschanze)
Flying Purple Cup
Seasons 20072009201020112012
Minor Tourneys Kournament: 17th (2013)
Misc shit FIFPA (Deff Blatter) • The CupGiant Round Robin Followed By Semis