Dave kraken scylla

Dave fites Giant Squid and Scylla, wall painting in an upper-class Bouvetoyan household, ca 2017

Davepocalypse II was a horrific event in which the domain was not renewed and we were forumless for an entire long July day in 2017. Fortunately, Dave braved the elements and fought many sea monsters for internet in order to restore the forums.

Unfortunately, there are no sources for that because everything happened on Slack. Postmodern Hippostorians suggest that the period in which the clan was forumless and solely tethered to Slack, no records of this time will be preserved for the future, thus putting into jeopardy the previously well-established belief that the Clan has existed continuously since the dawn of civilisation. This has led some Radically Postmodern Hippostorians to posit that the Clan is a temporally castrated entity, and that every Templar who existed before and after Davepocalypse II is actually a quantum clone or something.

This further calls into question the provenance of the artistic masterpiece, which appears to depict events of Davepocalypse II in stunning real-time.

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