Deadlily Indentured FPH
FPH Clan
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Gee I Hate To Do This
*deadly dentures speaks*
Location of Bouvetoya
Location of Bouvetoya
Capital none
Language(s) English
Religion Hippoism
Government Dictatorship
In Charge
 - 09 September 2002 - 09 September 2002 DeadlyDentures
Lord Account Ohsohacked Talon
Webmaster DudeTalon
Legislature STTPX
 - Upper House Mod Forum
 - Spam House Off-Topic Discussions
Historical era First Proper Wor
 - The Indenturing: 09 September 2002
 - The Undenturing: 09 September 2002
Currency none

The Deadlily Indentured FPH was a short-lived futurist movement in FPH history, during which visionary DeadlyDentures tried to bring the future of the 2010s to the Clan Early. This latter period being characterized by many hostile takeovers of the clan, DeadlyDentures took over and deposed leader Martin, only to be swiftly executed by the vile Talon.

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