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December 2003 Elections

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15 December 2003 -
30 December 2003

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Turnout 21
  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Avenger Darkflame Fajita
Home country Kiwia Dutchlands Canada
Popular vote 12 5 3

  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Evil Dragon Talon pr2
Home country USA 13 Colonies Texas
Popular vote 1 0 0

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The December 2003 Leader Elections were the fourth elections in Clan history, and second of the three consecutive ones won by Veggie. They were the first ones ever to use the noble institution of cVote[1][2].

The Elections[]

With Martin's cold enlightened rule over, the political climate began to relax, as evidenced by people talking all over the election thread[3]. Darkflame was a n00dist candidate in the first significant challenge of that faction to the office of Leader; nonetheless, Veggie won a re-election[4].