December 2004 Elections
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Jun 2004 ←
27 November 2004 -
13 December 2004

→ Jun 2005

Turnout 19
  Hippoholder Hippoholder Hippoholder
Nominee Frop Pascal Lief
Party Independent BTP[1] NNA[2]
Home country USA USA Texas
Votes after IRV 12 7
Popular vote 7 6 5

Nominee Avenger
Party Independent

Home country Kiwia
Popular vote 0

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The December 2004 Leader Elections took place in the winter of 2004 to see who would become the new leader following the downfall of Fajita Junta. This election was the first one with its own forum, and is commonly viewed as the beginning of the heroic age of FPH history.

The ElectionsEdit

After first round, Frop and Pascal were super closely tied, and Lief endorsed Frop in a rousing speech[3]. Frop mostly ran on a platform of not, in fact, being Veggie, despite being the admin during the previous year[4]. And then he won[5]

Frop also introduced the cold, ruthless political move of inviting Lief to serve as his vice-leader, effectively curtailing the populist momentum represented by the NNA. Historians now agree that Frop's wily maneuvering set back later populist movements by years, perhaps saving the clan's conservative oldguard from total destruction in the wake of Veggie's insanity.


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