December 2005 Elections
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2 December 2005 -
22 December 2005

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Turnout 21
  Hippoholder Hippoholder Orangewineglass
Nominee Avenger Elpea Raider
Home country Kiwia a rainforest Deep South
Votes after IRV 13 8
Popular vote 10 7 4

  Hippoholder Hippoholder Hippoholder
Nominee Darkflame Lahmia Talon
Home country Dutchlands Ireland Yoosay
Popular vote 0 0 0

Purple Eminence before election


Elected Purple Eminence


The December 2005 Leader Elections were a hilarious flop

The ElectionsEdit

Both previous elections were decided by Lief dropping out and endorsing a candidate and then that candidate would lose, but as this time Lief wasn't running this would be impossible. Most of the forum is people telling Shusky to run and Shusky being like "dohoho nope" for whatever reason[1]. Elpea, who was at the time a new Templar, almost won running on a platform of making our wildest dreams come true[2]. GUYS WE COULD HAVE HAD OUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE IF ONLY WE VOTED ELPEA ON THAT DAY. FOOLS. FOOLS!

Anyway we voted for Veggie instead[3], then one week later we went WHAT THE SHIT, SERIOUSLY, WE VOTED FOR VEGGIE?![4], launched an impeachment procedure[5], and got rid of him[6].

As we can clearly see, everything about this fucking ruled


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