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Dugong with its mom

Dugong (Dugon dugonging fat) is a fat marine mammal chilling in the order Sirenia with the equally fat manatee. A creature of nigh infinite benevolence, the dugong is regarded by the FPH Templars to be among the greatest grey fat mammals that like to spend their time in water


Goddamnit you can see perfectly well what a dugong is

Dugongs in culture[]

That Would Also Be Silly

Dugongs' importance to FPH culture can be traced back to Weebl's seminal toon, "Dugong". Once the background music of the forums, the toon contains much valuable information BUT it contains the following false information:

  • That dugongs are also known as manatees. Those are different species dude
  • That dugongs and dolphins are very close cousins. Sirenians and cetaceans aren't that closely related dude and also dugongs are related to hippos, seriously
  • That dugongs don't have wings.

There were also some dugong cults around the world. Each and every one of them owned.

Duugongu Fighatu Againustu Space Monusuturu is my favourite anime.

Du the Dugong, along with Tee the Manatee, were the mascots of 2010 Flying Purple Cup.


Dugong tokens are awarded for making awesome posts at FPH Forums since 9/9/11. This tradition can probably be traced to ancient Papuans making stand-up comedy contests and the winner would win a dugong or whatever.

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