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Ensemble Studios

Earlier Thing Later Thing
Dallas, Horsefucking Texas
Location of Dallas
Capital Tony Goodman's Desk
Government Microsoft-bossed Studios
Founder Tony Goodman
 - Founded: 1995
 - Undone: 2009

Ensemble Studios was the developer behind all the best games ever. They dished out their titles between mid-nineties and late-zerozeroes, when they collapsed into a bunch of other developers.

Important dudes[]

Ian Fischer, Bruce Shelley, Greg Street and Sandy Petersen were the importantmost game designers and evil masterminds behind the Age series. Archangel was the community guy once they harvested him from HeavenGames. Xemu and winter were programming monkeys that bummed around HG sometimes, and Scout also presumably served some purpose in the grand scheme of things.


ES Games are the core games played by the FPH Clan. They developed most of the Age of games ohgod can't be assed to list them atm.

In mythology[]

In the classical mythology, ES employess were elves. They hanged out at their own continent and did stuff