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Fédération Internationale de Flying Purple AoM



For the Game. For the Gold.
Capital Flying Purple Geneva[1]
Government Kleptocracy
President Deff Blatter
Suspicious Sponsor Cockroach Al-Teal[2]
 - Established 2009
 - Last Until:

Fédération Internationale de Flying Purple AoM is an organization dedicated to making AoM events take place, in particular the Flying Purple Cup. Established in 2009 and presided over by Deff Blatter since the beginning, it's been very successful at making money. Its seat is located in Flying Purple Geneva, and its preferred language is broken French.


Nobody is entirely sure how much money does the FIFPA have, and its ties to the Cookie Vault are unclear. However, I have a court order here that tells me to write that I'm sure there's nothing suspicious about it and absolutely no extortion, embezzlement, money laundering, blackmail, or tax fraud of any kind is taking place at all.


Mr Cockroach Al-Teal, a generous sponsor, is notable for not being suspicious at all

Deff Blatter is the President of FIFPA, and suspicious disappearances of his rivals and opponents lead many to believe he'll remain on his post for quite a while yet. He and his cronies earn all the fucking cookies.

Cockroach Al-Teal has been known to help FIFPA with money and friendship. His exact position in the organization eludes me at the moment, but I'm sure it's something legit.


Flying Purple Cup
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Minor Tourneys Kournament: 17th (2013)
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