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FPH - PW War
Part of Puberty
War against pw i think.jpg
You cannot prove this relief doesn't portray that war.
Date Spring - Summer 2003
Location PW, FPH and AoMH Forums
Result Decisive FPH victory; increased e-cred among 15 year olds
Casus belli Someone flamed someone or whatever
FPH Clan
PW Clan
Martin, Leader
Talon, Admin
Fajita, Photoshopper
SoggyFrog, dude
Superdroideka, self-styled Elite Phantom Warrior
unknown unknown
none dignity

The FPH - PW War was a bloody conflict in which the Flying Purple Hippos like totally pwnz0red the Phantom Warriors.


Are you fucking serious

So then![]

Probably our proud Clan used our dignity and integrity to get involved in a flame war over at their forums. Then a dude named Superdroideka came around with a couple other dudes and launched a counterinvasion[1]. Fajita destroyed them with Photoshop and Talon destroyed them with Admin CP. Also Soggy was around despite having been at TTA at the time.

Cultural impact[]

Someone wrote half a myth about it before getting bored [2]

And 9 years later it made it to a wiki[]

I'm pretty sure there are regular wars remembered for shorter amounts of time

Why did you want to know about this anyway[]