Flying Purple Hippos Wiki
FPH - XoV War
Date January 2005
Location XoV and FPH Forums
Result FPH victory; good times had by all
Casus belli Lief got banned from XoV
FPH Clan XoV Clan
Frop, Leader
Talon, Admin
All the banned accounts at XoV, never forget self-esteem

The FPH - XoV War was a minor conflict in January of 2005[1] against the Exiles of Valinor clan. Lief insulted them on their forums and then a retaliation full of photoshops happened and despite some nazi drama everyone seemed to have a good time?

I'll just quote an article on that okay

In a stunning defeat, the FPH army (called the People's army by some), has viciously destroyed much of the XoV clan. After numerous attacks on their forums, the XoV has now retreated behind their walls of admin-checking. Spurred on by the encouragement of the FPH Propaganda Department (also known as the FPH Photoshopping Chinese/Soviet Propaganda Department), the FPH army performed admirably, until, eventually XoV gave up.

"It was a crushing defeat," says former Presidente Grande, now n00dist supporter, Talon, while wiping liquid spam off his shirt. "We got in there, gave it a hundred percent, made fun of their grammar and punctuation, and left. Overall, I feel good about myself." Talon was one of the lead soldiers during the attack.

"Really, those guys suck at life. Never before have I seen such rampant suckage. When you spam another forum, you should atleast use real words," says temporary admin during the disaster, Raider. "Not only do they have wussy elf names, but their insults are trivial at best."

Because this paper is a fair publication, we asked the XoV clan what they though. "[expletive deleted] u n00bs u dont [expletive delted] know ne [expletive deleted] tihng! u sukc bad u [expletive deleted]'s go 2 [expletive deleted] hell," said an XoV soldier.