Flying Purple Hippos Wiki

The Fajita Flag is the most widely recognized symbol of the Clan

The FPH Community is the community this wiki is about. The term is used interchangably with FPH Clan, as a gaming clan was the community's original form. This made everyone say that we should start referring to ourselves as a community rather than a clan but damnit old habits die hard.


The FPH Community consists of Templars devoted to the worship of Flying Purple Hippos. They are wisely led by a (usually) elected Leader, and spend their time posting on The Forums. Other fields of activity include or included gaming, a blog and a wiki.

Demographics and geographics[]

Bouvetoya is claimed as the clan's center of operations and efforts will never cease to obtain a .bv domain

Once one of the largest Age of Mythology clans, the clan has shrunk overtime but somehow remains active on its Forums with their intact database from 2002. It has members or claims on all continents, and legally owns Antarctica.


Main article: Archaic FPH Clan

The Flying Purple Hippos formed as a gaming clan in early 2002, united by a desire to play Age of Mythology and worship of the Flying Purple Hippos, discovered by Newbie a year before. Hilarity ensued for over a decade. Thank god for the internets, which allow you to go through aeons of history by clicking on little flags.

Modern history[]

Main article: Mythic FPH Clan

Somewhere in the mid-aughties it stopped being a gaming clan really. Now mostly a discussion board discussing many different stuffs but mostly food, the FPH Clan Forums are probably the highest quality forums on the entire internet, barely beating the Backup Forum.

The Templars continue to play games with each other but mostly they keep negotiating times to play games and failing

Postmodern currentory[]

Main article: Stone Age FPH Community

Don't mention the wor.

Future Events[]

Main article: Ministry of Procrastination

Don't mention the work.


Main article: Fine Arts of FPH

You can't even begin to aspire to appreciate the depth of this composition

The Community is world-renowned for its cultural output. Unfortunately, after years and years of accumulating in-jokes, its culture is completely incomprehensible to outside peons. Such is the price of greatness tho, no regrets, no regrets

The FPH Community has no interest in low-brow entertainment and so all its art is top-notch artistic and shit


The FPH Labs are a leading scientific institution in the world, providing all the answers for all the important questions. There are at least two universities sponsored by the Clan, the Flying Purple University and the University of Bouvetoya. Needless to say both are excessively great and exalted.


The main objective of the FPH Clan is world domination. Someone should work on that already.