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As it appeared in the FPH Game. Um, I'm pretty sure it's usually not supposed to house the Nile

The FPH Island is the home territory of the FPH Clan. It is not to be confused with Bouvetoya, which is also an island which is the home territory of the FPH Clan, but in a different way

In the lore[]

Classical Mythology[]

The notion of an FPH Clan home island apparently emerged really early. In the classical mythology, the FPH Island was created midway between Hippodom and HeavenGames, so that the Templars could keep tabs on HG while staying in touch with the FPHs. It later got destroyed and re-created, a bunch of times I think

Forum stories[]

The FPH Island appears in Avenger's Story and the Gobi Herrings myth, and is the main setting of Martin's story. Martin's interpretation and the accompanying map were later considered somewhat official. Does anyone have that map? I'd really appreciate if someone has it and can upload it


The FPH Island features in the FPH Island multiplayer scenario, as well as the third episode of Ponay Adventures.


The size and precise shape of the Island were never really established. It's universally agreed that it's somewhat tropical or warm temperate or whatever. The main temple to the FPHs is the most important structure. Other man-made stuffs include a full town of Templars, a fortified dock, and all the forums.

Natural features include the DMoF, the Taco Beach, and the Party Lake.