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The FPH Sun
The FPH Clan's News Tabloid and Pornographic Publication of Record
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Format Tabloid
Founder Lief H. Ericson, PhD
Editor-in-chief Lief H. Ericson, PhD
Associate Editor Occasionally SoggyFrog
Founded 2008 (?)
Political alignment Pro-Government
Language English
Circulation 20-30 people
Sister Newspapers
FPH Sun International

The FPH Sun is one of FPH Island's most widely read news publications, delivering its readers hard-hitting news, sport, gossip, politics, and pornography coverage every now and again. Though originally started by Lief Ericson as an underground publication in opposition to Establishment control of the forum, the Sun has been willing over the years to support the government as well, particularly during Theias terms and during the current regime. During the legendary Admin Wars, the Sun was a constant ally of the Theiasist government, even after Free State forces had seized control. During the April 2011 Elections, the FPH Sun surprisingly pledged neutrality between the three deletionist candidates, though following Lief's inauguration and the Purpleshirt coup, the FPH Sun has become an important propaganda organ of the government, regularly publishing Lief's speeches.

Definitely read Adolf Hitler on this subject.