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Flying Purple Cup is an annualyish AoM tournament, organised by FIFPA sometime in early summer. Everyone is free to enter but usually only Templars do, possibly because nobody else knows about it


FPC used to have group stages and a knock-out tree and all that stuff, but due to that being an utter bitch to organise and make everyone play they games, since 2011 it's been round-robin, with the bestest players then advancing to semifinals. The winner takes the titular cup as well as a bunch of cookies, unless the cookies have been defrauded.


FPC is very serious and for pros only.

The first FPC took place in 2007, because people were nostalgic for playing AoM together. It was originally a one-off thing and wasn't repeated in 2008, but then since 2009 it's become an annual thing. FIFPA has been in charge of FPC since then.

The winners of FPC were:

  • 2007 - DW
  • 2009 - FM
  • 2010 - people couldn't be assed to finish; FPC was awarded to orphans
  • 2011 - FM

Basically the point is to see who'll finish second behind FM okay

Biutiful art[]

Du the Dugong and Tee the Manatee, 2010 mascots

The artistic side of FPC has been gradually growing more and more ambitious. Youtube commercials, fully themed logos and mascots, and bloated ceremony threads are now being dished out. Some scholars point out that the FPC has replaced the elections as the Clan's most important periodic cultural event. This obiviously means that the society is becoming more and more shallow; in the past, people were concerned about important things, while nowadays they are half-witted troglodytes who can be easily controlled by the government via cheap antertainment; furthermore,

List of people who aren't in fact playing Thor all the time[]

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