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Flying Purple Tapirs are graceful creatures hailing from the Amazon jungles. They are one of two FPH references in Ao3 following a widespread campaign, the other one being that one ship.

In FPH lore[]

At first people weren't quite sure about this whole tapir business[1]. Eventually, however, the FPH Clan has adopted the FPTs as their auxiliary mascots.

The Gobi Herrings Myth's main purpose was to incorporate the Tapirs into the FPH mythology. In retrospect, it would have been easier if the myth was in the same continuity as literally anything else in the lore. Anyway according to the myth the FPTs were sent to the Amazon much like FPHs were sent to the Nile, except the FPTs were later forgotten because the Amazon is only sparsely populated by really dumb and primitive people. Who was doing the sending and for what purpose? Why don't you shut the fuck up and go away


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