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Closely related to the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Giant Carnivorous Hissing Cockroaches are the oldest FPH enemies in the lore, invented by Deathshrimp in the original thread mere hours after it was posted[1]. That Deathshrimp post is probably what gave that thread momentum, which is slightly worrying.

Physical description[]

GCHCs are giant, they hiss, they eat meat, and they are cockroaches. They aren't very consistently depicted, and it's possible there are in fact several different kinds of them. Some of them can definitely fly, which is slightly alarming.

GCHCs live in swarms in vast underground caverns, which makes them difficult to observe. Some lore maintains they are intelligent and can speak, but more often they are just predatory and hissy.

In lore[]

Flying Purple Herald's report from a cockroach lair won the Pulitzer prize in 2008

SO AS I WAS SAYING Deathshrimp invented the GCHCs very early on; they are the third oldest thing in the lore, after the FPHs and the Nile Penguins. Really early on the joke was that the FPHs are a Greek unit, the NPs are Egyptian, and the GCHCs are Norse, but that was abandoned pretty quick

Much like the Nile Penguins, the Cockroaches are missing in the Classical Mythology. Which makes sense because who would write myths about cockroaches????

The Tales of Hisshissclickhissclickclickargharghargh are the only exclusively Cockroach myth[2]. However some inconsistencies lead researchers to believe that their author wasn't bothering with the mythology's integrity at all!

Wars with FPH[]

GCHCs were the antagonists in the Hippopotamian Fields WD

At least two massive threads deal with Cockroach invasions[3][4]. The June 2005 cockroach invasion lead to widespread destruction and almost destroyed the Clan, but then something silly happened and everything was restored.

It is understood that a Cockroach/FPH confilct happens like every time they emerge from their underground habitat for whatever reason. Because cockroaches are so difficult to completely exterminate, this will probably go on forever.

Cockroaches appear in the Hippopotamian Fields WD, Ponay Adventures, the upcoming FPH Game, and are namedropped in a bunch of other works. They are commonly thought to be allied with Teal Hippos somehow, although now that I think of it they don't even appear together in any major piece of Clan literature.

In FPH politics[]

A 2008 campaign poster, playing on the anti-cockroach sentiment

Be prepared

Calling someone a cockroach sympathiser is a very popular rhetorical device during the elections. Allegations of cockroachist ties are an effective and ellegant way of undermining your rival's claim of Hippo patriotism. It's probably even better than calling you rrival a Teal supporter, because at least Teal Hippos don't live underground and aren't gross all the time.


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