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Guild Wars
Unofficial Clan Game
GW box.jpg
Developer: ArenaNet
Publisher: NCsoft
Release date: April 2005
Platforms: PC
Genres: Mumorpeger
Modes: Multiplayer
X-packs: Factions
Eye of the North

Guild Wars is a pretty sweet multiplayer RPG game which premiered in 2005. Due to it being free and fun, it gained a widespread Templar following, becoming a quasi-clan game with its own subforum.[citation needed] The glorious and famous FPH guild boasted as many as 4 people online at the same time. It won a Team Arena battle once. I think.


You could choose one of six professions, to which you could add a secondary profession (unless you were DF, in which case you could choose a Mesmer, to which you could add a secondary profession). You hunted for monsters or other players in packs of 4 to 8.


Once upon a time a kingdom got nuked and survivors went across the mountains to a land of moas where they discovered a conspiracy but later it turned out it was part of a different conspiracy and when you killed all the conspirators it turned out there was an even bigger conspiracy and you just fucked up hardcore so then you had to go to a volcano to fix this anARGH

Best Things[]

Consider yourself salvaged

Justiciar Hablion was the scythe, Bringer of Salvation, harvester of souls of unbelievers. He was voiced by Steven Blum. He was the greatest.

Joe was a devourer. He was likewise the greatest. Also the greatest were the entire mission of Thunderhead Keep, that hilly open terrain north of Lion's Arch full of Tengus, the holidays, Kilroy Stonekin, bad dialogues, that secret garden thing in Ascalon, the game steadily improving with free content expansions, and the Glorious Guild of FPH.

Worst Things[]

Main article: List of Prince Rurik One-liners

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Prince Rurik, devourers, later parts of the game becoming increasingly rushed, Factions, dialogues (which later became bad enough to become a Best Thing), that mission in the desert where you had to protect that boob of a ghost, the Shining Blade, everything that crippled or froze you, spiders, having to walk ten thousand miles to find an elite, PUGs, inevitably running into organized guilds in the Tombs, fucking Alesia goddammit will you do something right you dipshit.

FPH in GW[]

The Glorious Guild of FPH proudly rostered a lot of Templars who could never agree to do anything together. It peaked in activity in summer of 2005, and then everyone steadily lost interest (necessarily in such fashion that there were always too few people to do anything of consequence).

A GW sub-forum operated for 7 months. It was probably the most extensively FPHd game that was never an official Clan Game.

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