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HeavenGames LLC
15 May 1997 or thereabouts–distant future
Thing Other Thing
Capital Castle Grayskull
Government Theocracy
Angel Herder
 - 1997 - ? Archangel
 - ? - Zen
 - Founded: 15 May 1997 or thereabouts
 - Destroyed in a comet accident distant future

HeavenGames LLC is an ominous network of gaming fansites. Founded in 1997 by Archangel as HeavenWeb, it was always especially close to Ensemble Studios. Its main sources of revenue include online advertising, drug trade, and extortion.


AoEH was the first HG site, opened in 1997. Since then HG opened sites for doezens of games, the most FPH-relevant being AoKH (1998), AoMH (2001), and AoE3H (2005). The founder, Archangel, was grabbed by ES as their community manager dude sometime in late 1990s.

AoKH's outside discussions forum, known as KoRT, evolved into an all-HG outside discussions at some point. It was closed in 2003 to make way for a new and exactly the same forum; p_r2 heroically grabbed its last post.


Most important staff dudes are called Seraphs, less important dudes are called Angels, least important dudes are called Cherubs and they count posts. Many FPHers were HG staff of all ranks at some point, but I'm too lazy to look up who and when.

Ominous people in charge of HG include Zen, Jayhawk and Soccy.