The State Symbols of the 40,000 Post Reich are the best symbols and all hail them forever.

The FlagEdit

Flag of FPH Reich
The Flag of the 40kPR consists of a purple Laguzehwaz inside a white circle inside a less purple field. The flag represents the regime's unmitigated brutality and purpleness and fanatical devotion to Lief. Everyone loves Lief and therefore everyone loves the Flag, this makes perfect sense and you better fly ten of those every day from your window.

The ReichsflusspferdEdit

The Reichsflusspferd, also sometimes known as That Ominous Little Hippo, is the official coat of arms of the 40kPR. It's a purple hippo ominously perched atop an ominous wreath of oak leaves surrounding an ominous Laguzehwaz.

The Reichsflusspferd is also the Umholi's personal crest. It appears on all the stamps and shit.


The Laguzehwaz is the symbol appearing both in the Flag and in the Reichsflusspferd. It's made of the Norse runes Laguz and Ehwaz, representing the letters "L.E." for "Lief Ericsson". Also, Laguz means "water" and Ehwaz means "horse", so after a bit of experimental linguistics we can conclude that "Laguzehwaz" is Norse for "hippo". Upon discovering this, everyone flipped the fuck out and agreed that the 40kPR has the blessing of Thor himself.