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The January Heterosexuality Award, also known as the Effigy of Heterosexuality, is an annual award for supremely heterosexual and/or awesome conduct. Look, this is not bigoted okay, if butluv does something awesome in january I'm sure we'll pull an appropriate reward out of our arse. Wait that didn't come out right. WAIT THAT DIDN'T COME OUT RIGHT EITHER

Proper Conduct[]

The Effigy of Heterosexuality may be summoned to fix situations that get way too flamboyant.[1] It then appears to all heterosexuals in the room. The Effigy of Heterosexuality does not appear to homosexuals. This is completely true and it was tested. The Effigy of Heterosexuality must immediately be hailed when seen.

Previous Winners[]

2007: On 5 January 2007, the January Heterosexuality Award was given to FlyingMonkey for a proper ICEBURN of Pirate Dan.[2] This is especially awesome in retrospect because dan was a homophobic dick

2008: January 2008 was really awful. By the 23rd of january, the only thing we had was a thread entitled "I AM A FAG". This kind of sucked.[3] It was eventually awarded to Mike for fixing something that was particularly ruined in the forums, perhaps after a forum move or similar. Mike refused the award.[4]

2009: Not awarded, perhaps because of the Great Orgy of January 2009.

2010: Not awarded, because we forgot it existed.

2011: On 24 January 2011, the January Heterosexuality Award was given to Butluv for a splendid display of broshakes.[5] He was exceptionally pleased with it. Yes this means that the introduction to this page doesn't make any sense, but fuck you i'm not changing it now

2012: On 4 January 2012, the January Heterosexuality Award was given to Avenger for contributions to several FPH Wiki pages.[6]