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June 2003 Elections

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1 June 2003 -
15 June 2003

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Turnout 18
  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Veggie Martin Fajita
Home country Kiwia Peru Canada
Popular vote 12 4 1

  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Pascal Talon
Home country USA USA
Popular vote 0 0

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The June 2003 Leader Elections were impossibly boring but marked the first time power was turned over in the FPH Clan without bloodshed

The Elections[]

Avenger won them and Martin left the Clan to meditate after voting for Avenger. Seriously not much else happened[1]

Veggie probably campaigned for a more community-driven clan now that people were playing less and less AoM, which MAY HAVE SHAPED THE CLAN 4EVER

Years later, Veggie would confide to one of his bedmates that all he ever wanted was power, and he simply said whatever sounded halfway reasonable while bribing the local harlot to whisper dreams of a Carribean retirement in Martin's ear, but the bedmate tells us that immediately after telling him this Veggie commenced on a lengthy recital of the Gregorian Chant and may or may not have been residing in this plane of reality