June 2005 Elections
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22 May 2005 -
13 June 2005

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Turnout 19
  Hal DF200501 Hippoholder
Nominee Hal Darkflame Soggy
Home country USA Dutchlands Canada
Popular vote 10 9 0

  Hippoholder Hippoholder Hippoholder
Nominee Nidhogg Lief Theias
Home country USA Texas Canada
Popular vote 0 0 0

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The June 2005 Leader Elections were boring but also very close and therefore exciting!!

The ElectionsEdit

While six candidates were running, it quicly became apparent that this will be a 2-pony race between Hal and DF. Lief dropped out, endorsing DF in a rousing speech[1]. Nonetheless, Hal was just too charming and won[2].


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