June 2006 Elections
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Jan 2006 ←
1 June 2006 -
9 June 2006

→ Dec 2006

Turnout 29
  Hippoholder Hippoholder Orangewineglass
Nominee Shusky Theias Raider
Home country Poland Canada Deep South
Popular vote 17 12 0

Purple Eminence before election


Elected Purple Eminence


The June 2006 Leader Elections were a landmark election deep within the heroic age of FPH Clan.

The ElectionsEdit

Raider was a leader and being a total Raider he forbade all fun, which led to no parties or campaigns[1]. While Theias was widely expected to win[2], in the end Shusky did[3]. There were probably backdoor machinations by Raider to buy votes and shit

These elections were super important for FPH political history, as it marked a definitive departure from the earlier n00d-m0d divide towards the more familiar Canadian-aligned egalitarian movements clashing with Europe-aligned elitist movement. As such these elections paved way for the most iconic heroic age electoral clashes, which would ultimately only end with the Admin War.


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