June 2007 Elections
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Dec 2006 ←
10 May 2007 -
25 May 2007

→ Oct 07

Turnout 22
  Hippoholder Hippoholder Hippoholder
Nominee Lief Shusky Darkflame
Home country Texas Poland Netherlands
Popular vote 6 14 2

Purple Eminence before election


Elected Purple Eminence


The June 2007 Leader Elections are mainly remembered for the giant three-way clusterfuck that we attempted to use constitution to resolve

The ElectionsEdit

The Establishment had two candidates, Darlflame and Shusky, because it was more tactical that way. There was a three way tie and a ton of drama[1]. Eventually Shusky won bacause he was the fluffiest[2].

These were the last elections in a June-December cycle until much later. Also, being June elections, they were held in May obvs.


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