The Kournament is an annual Age of Kings Tournament organised by FIFPA in association with The Jews. It tends to happen when for some reason, there's no FPC.


The Kournament has been a proud yearly tradition since its seventeenth year of annual tourneys.[1] Its seventeenth edition was marred by minor organisational issues, what with being the first yearly editition of the tournament and all, but generally services were excellent due to the long seventeen years of experience in having yearly Kournaments. Experts agree that if the First Annual Kournament hadn't started 3 years before the release of Age of Kings, the tournament wouldn't have reached its prestigious status today. For more information, we refer you to the wiki pages of the First through Sixteenth Annual Kournaments, which are extremely informative due to their ethereal status.


Stolen from FPC because those rules worked; Giant Round Robin Followed By Semis.

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Yeah I guess there was a youtube film but I can't be arsed figuring out how to add those to wikis.


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