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The Flying Purple Hippos Clan has created or stolen quite a bunch of hippo designs in order to put them on flags and plant these flags on the corpses of its enemies.


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hippogrr was the oldest symbol of the clan. It's not even heraldic I think?!

It was stolen but for a good cause so it doesn't count.

Its role diminished after we got ourselves actual sleek designer hippos, but is still fondly remembered in the community. Okay not really but it's still pretty "aww" to look at now

Fajita Hippo[]

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such majesty

2005 flag of FPH created by Fajita features a hippo rampant[1] which is the most recognizable FPH design, based on a wordlwide 2008 poll of 11,435 people aged 15-87.[citation needed]

It features in many derivative flags and flgas, such as the beatiful flga, often recoloured.


Main article: Insignia of the 40,000 Post Reich


Also known as that ominous little hippo, the Reichsflusspferd was the official Clan coat of arms during 40kpr. It's displayed affronté and usually perched atop a Laguzehwaz.

After 40kpr's downfall its use wasn't banned or anything and it features prominently on some ministries' logos because there was a ministry logomaking boom back then

Governmental Hippo[]

This 2013 design is flying, as well as purple and also a hippo

The Governmental Hippo is a symbol featured in ministry logos which didn't manage to make their logos made during 40kpr but totally wanted a sweet affronté hippo too. Its wings are taken from a Byzantine coat of arms to state its byzantiness and imperiousness and yyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiness. Much like the Fajita Hippo symbolizes the people of the Clan, this hippo is understood to symbolize its government. Which nowadays is same thing but whatevs

Imperial Hippo[]

Rad Laguz Ehwaz

The Imperial Hippo is the official emblem of the Lief/Raider empire after they instituted the privilegia[1].