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Martin monument.jpg
Monument to Martin, near DMoF
No. of Pips 5
Location Peru
Born Descended to this Earth on a rainbow as angels sang, 1982
Joined Day One, February 2002

Dear Eternal Leader Martin Carlós María Estevez is a co-founder and the first Leader of the FPH Clan. Inspired by a diamond-clear vision from the Golden Hippo, Martin took Newbie's original discovery to its logical conclusion and in 2002 founded the Temple on the Island, forever changing the course of human history.

Early life[]

Martin descended to the sacred mountains of Peru in 1982. Cows gave especially much milk that year, and the corn crops were excellent.

When Martin was six years old, a landslide almost destroyed his native village. Fortunately, just in time, Martin rode a unicorn in and deflected all the rocks and unstable ground with his bare hands.

When Martin was ten, he encountered a crying elderly woman on one of his solitary journeys. The woman said to him that all her eleven grandsons were just killed in a freak motorcycle accident. Martin viewed the carnage, shed a single tear, and breathed on the corpses; they returned to life. One of the sons would later grow up to be Albert Einstein, one to be Pablo Picasso, one to be Hitler, and one to be Marie Curie. The success of this resurrection operation remains a subject of some debate.

When Martin was thirteen, he invented the laptop bag.

Foundation of the Clan[]

In March of 2002, it has been suggested by Clarissimus that an FPH Clan should be founded [1]. Martin, his mind lucid and inspired by the Golden Hippo, immediately put together a page; and thus was created the FPH Clan. Due to this divinely inspired act of initiative, Martin became the de facto leader from the beginning.


Martin wisely foundingfathered the Clan throughout its early history. He was instrumental in founding its legal system and forums outline and everything. Tensions arose between Martin and another founding father, Deadlydentures, in the summer of 2002; this culminated in one of the most spectacular confrontations in human history in September. Martin emerged victorious as a leader undisputed, respected, saluted.

Martin's reign was brutal but just. He would prune Templars who didn't play AoM[2], deal with all the classical drama, and maitain diplomacy with other clans. Under his wide guidance, the Clan flourished and its Templars lived happily.

Eventually, in June 2003, Martin sat on top of a mountain and decided his work was done. In the June 2003 elections he effectively chose Veggie as his successor[3], and retired to meditate on the Hippos.

An Artist[]

Martin's major contribution to the Clan was his epic forums story, the first of its kind. It provides a definitive insight into how early Templars viewed the lore, and pretty much paved the way for all later stuff anyone ever wrote.

An exceptional graphic artist as well, Martin created the spectacular Thor vs Hades, a comic in four parts, featured on AoMH[4][5][6][7].

All hail Martin forever[]