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May 2011 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections

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09 May 2011 01:12 CET -
19 May 2011 23:57 CET

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Turnout 9
  Cornelius bear.jpg Nidhogg.gif Avenger.jpg
Nominee Lief Nidhogg13 Avenger
Party LIEF4PRESIDENT 2011[1] Vote for a Her☹ none
Home country USA Canada Korea, New Zealand, USA
Popular vote 3 3 3
Percentage 33.3% 33.3% 33.3%

Nominee Darkflame
Party none

Home country Netherlands
Popular vote 0
Percentage 0%

Purple Eminence before election


Elected Purple Eminence

no one ever anymore

The May 2011 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections were called after Lief's impeachment pretty much directly after taking office. The May 2011 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections sucked hard. No one campaigned during the May 2011 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections and the only picture activity we saw was lief firing his chief of gifs, below.

Chief of Gifs.gif

An impeachment vote was held to impeach the next leader two days after he won. Unfortunately, the elections resulted into a 3-way tie, so a run-off had to be held. The impeachment succeeded before the runoff finished. Basically we impeached the leader before he got elected. Then we had to restart the elections again because the constitution said so.

This may have been a nefarious plot to decrease trust in democracy to ease a Purpleshirt takeover but we have no proof of this despite our best investigative journalism

Various critics on these glorious elections[]

left fph before it went down the tubes
—Soggyfrog, when asked why Pascal is so wise, [1]

I decided to my vote
—Darkflame, voting, [2]

OK, to screw it up even more:

Veg Deef Need Leef

Or have I counted wrong
—Avenger, voting specifically to create a draw, [3]


Lif Vig Dif Nid

—Shusky, doing the exact same thing in the next post because apparently avenger screwed up?, [4]

fine, fine.
—Theias then doing the same thing too because apparently no one can fucking count in this fucking clan, [5]

But as things are now, it looks like the new leader will have grossly mismanaged the clan right now when he gets elected in the future.
—Darkflame, on the impeachment vote, [6]

I'm so much worse than hitler, so, so much worse
—Avenger, voting wrong[7]

According to the constitution, new elections need to be started immediately, so these elections are apparently cancelled. GOOD JOB GUYS. GOOD JOB.
—Darkflame, [8]