Megathread Wars Wars
Henri Dugong wept
Date 15 November 2012
Location FPH Wiki
  • Extravagant drama
  • Alteration of the Megathread Wars page to its current state
  • Creation of the Megathread Wars Wars page
Casus belli Megathread Wars wiki page
Ankh.png Nile Penguins Flag of Canada.png Theiasist FPH Clan
Ankh.png Darkflame Flag of Canada.png SoggyFrog
Anger A couple of bad jokes
Dignity Historical authority

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The Megathread Wars Wars was a conflict on the FPH Wiki between Darkflame and SoggyFrog over the Megathread Wars page.

Prelude Edit

Main article: Megathread Wars

Prelude to the Prelude Edit

62 "megathreads" were created by Darkflame on November 14 2012 in a bid to restore activity to the OTD Forums. These megathreads received the support of others, including the admin Talon and the other Euro, Shusky. Lief and SoggyFrog were less pleased and called for Darkflame to be banned to prevent further spamming of threads.

Prelude and Feud Edit

SoggyFrog, realizing that the admins would not proceed with banning Darkflame, called instead for the threads to be merged. The admins thought this was a silly idea, so SoggyFrog decided to restore OTD to its natural order by bumping old threads, at the expense of Darkflame's mysterious "megathreads".

The Mal-Tempered Joostier Edit

Darkflame figured that SoggyFrog had no right to make posts on his personal canvas that was OTD and started deleting posts. Talon decided that this was enough to justify merging the threads, and Darkflame got pretty upset and said some pretty mean things I'm sure he'd like to take back.

No, he doesn't. - unnamed editor

Meanwhile! Edit

SoggyFrog spent an hour on a wiki page about the Megathread Wars, making bad but wholly scrutable jokes for the rest of the clan to enjoy.

Content Edit

Megathread Wars Wars

Aftermath Edit

The Megathread Wars Wars page was updated.

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