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Ministry of Bitching About Raspberry Superiority to Strawberry
Agency overview
Formed 1999
Jurisdiction Bouvetoya
Headquarters TEMPLE BY-DRIVE F23-#e
Employees 20,000
Annual budget 400 cookies
Minister responsible Vladimir Putin, Minister of Bitching About Raspberry Superiority to Strawberry
Deputy Minister responsible Darkflame, State Secretary of FUCKING PROVING IT
Child agency Department of FUCKING PROVING IT

The Ministry of Bitching About Raspberry Superiority to Strawberry is perhaps the most important ministry of the Flying Purple Hippos Clan. This is because raspberries are superior in every way to the stawberry unterplants. Seriously, fuck strawberries. Not only are they less delicious, they also have a tiny green leavy thing on top that's hard to pull off, and it's almost impossible to see if a strawberry is sweet or still sour. Did I mention they're less delicious? When is the last time you ate an entire bag of strawberries? When is the last time you ate an entire bag of raspberries? EXACTLY~


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Bitching About Raspberry Superiority to Strawberry
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