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Ministry of Horrific Threads
Horrific threads.png
Agency overview
Formed 2002
Jurisdiction Bouvetoya
Employees 2
Annual budget 2,000 cookies
Minister responsible Dire Wolf, Minister of Diarrhea Threads
Deputy Minister responsible (rotating presidency), Council of Terrible Fads
Departments Archer Federation
Dick Thread Alliance
Drunken DF Cooperation Fund
Pre-2004 Thread Archive
Soggyfrog's Hockey Bar
State Fad Thread Factory

The Ministry of Horrific Threads is a noble and old ministry responsible for threads about animal cocks, diarrhea floods, pictures of various huge naked dicks appearing without warning, and spam threads.


Definitely read Great Diarrhea Flood on this subject.

okay this is too terrible to narrate

Modern times[]

Definitely read 2013 Duckthreads of Dicks on this subject.



Definitely read I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT on this subject.
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