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Ministry of Wor
Fuck The Haters
Ministry of Wor logo.png
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Bouvetoya
Headquarters Temple Drive 1-16c (yes this includes buildings occupied by other ministries due to office warfare)
Employees 47,218
Annual budget 112,000 cookies
Minister responsible FlyingMonkey, Minister of Wor
Deputy Minister responsible Lief Ericson, Former Reichsworminister, now at wor with fm.

The Ministry of Wor is a ministry of the Flying Purple Hippos Clan. One of the oldest and most traditional ministries, it is also among the largest. Its primary concern is consulting the UN membership roster and then declaring war on everyone. The Ministry of Wor has been accused of souring the Clan's diplomatic relations with a number of countries, but nobody has ever proven these claims due to disappearing in mysterious circumstances.

Glorious Activities[]

Main article: Category:Wars

The Ministry has a tendency to simultanuous be involved in everything and mysteriously absent. For example, there is no mention of it during the June 2005 cockroach invasion and it appears only with regards to logistical duties during the Hippo-Colombian War. Fortunately, the propaganda budget is lush and rich in proteins and will fix this forever.


This is the second ministry ever to actually switch ministers, after FlyingMonkey was appointed Minister of Wor by Adolf Hitler, replacing Lief Ericson.

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