N00dism is generally defined as the political philosophy which holds that there should be greater equality between moderators ("mods" or "m0ds") and non-moderators (so-called n00ds). A proponent of this view is called a n00dist.


Established in 2003 as a revolutionary alternative to the moderator regime, n00dism established itself as an important political ideology during the legendary N00d-M0d War. Since the defeat of revolutionary n00dist forces, n00dists have sought to gain power primarily through electoral means; the first democratic N00dist party, the New N00dist Association was established in 2004.[1] N00dist parties have contested most leadership elections since 2003 and occasionally claimed victory. 2011-12's 40,000 Post Reich officially supported n00dism, and Umholi Lief Ericson was one of the founders of the movement.


"N00dism" comes from "n00d" is derived from old-hippopotamian "n0n-m0d" for "non-moderator". This name reflects its class background, with many of the early n00dists being non-moderators.

Central Tenets of N00dist PhilosophyEdit

Opposition to Moderator PowerEdit

N00dism seeks to undo the systematic injustice caused by moderator arbitrariness, while emphasizing the arbitrariness of mod choice. N00dist philosophy holds that for any community to bloom, there must be no moderators in any capacity above the minimum necessary.

Extension of power to the populaceEdit

Recognizing the advantages that mod powers bring a community in terms of flexibility and potential hilarity, n00dists hold that these are not to be squandered. Rather than abolishing them, they should be distributed across the people equally.

Opposition to ExclusivityEdit

N00dists oppose the large gap between n00ds and mods; this naturally extends to the opposition of mod-exclusive forums, such as the Mod Forum and the Diamond Mountain of Fuck. This view puts n00dism at odds with one of the other major philosophies of the Clan, Elitism.

Lenient Entrance DemandsEdit

From the call for equality between m0ds and n00ds naturally arises the call for equality between other groups such as templars, global mods, or members. To achieve this, n00dism advocates lenient entrance demands to many rights, including templarship. This again puts it at odds with Elitism, which advocates pretending not to let anyone into the clan in order to not make it seem like no one ever wants to.

Prominent n00distsEdit

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  • Lief Ericson, one of the two founders of n00dism, his early spamming days still reign fierce over the glorious land of Bouvetoya. Consistent in his n00dism, he may be called the paragon of its philosophy.
  • Darkflame, the other founder of n00dism and the New N00dist Association, Darkflame has later distanced himself from n00dism on many points, enticed by the lure of Elitism.[2]
  • Theias, a later convert, a staunch n00dist since at least 2007.
  • Shusky, was also involved in the early days of the New N00dist Association. However, he too soon converted to Elitism.