William Cornelius Nidhogg XIII
No. of Pips 13
Location USA
Born 4 May 1988, USA
Joined 8 November 2002
Templarised 8 November 2002
Whoever offers Blue Names

William Cornelius Nidhogg XIII is an FPH Templar who first joined in 2002. An enduring icon of style and elegance, Nidhogg13 has been declared by the Bloat magazine the second sexiest man in the world for the last six years in a row.


Nid couldn't be assed to write his templar origin myth so nobody knows what the fuck. He is rumoured to have twelve older siblings, named Nidhogg1 to Nidhogg12. He's been seen bumming around the terrible state of Florida a lot and he'll never live this down.

Involvement in Fajita Hand FandomEdit

Nidhogg13 is the founding member and the life-long president of the Fajita Hand Fan Club. Also, he's the only member of the Fajita Hand Fan Club


Nidhogg13 is the current Minister of Pony. He balances his time between the Ministry, the FHFC, and his family of 72.