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November 2002 Elections

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13 November 2002 -
26 November 2002

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Turnout 28
  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Martin Pascal Talon
Home country Peru Nationalism is a modern concept and does not really apply to those born before like 18th century USA
Popular vote 19 5 3

  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Orangewineglass.jpg
Nominee Arshnu Eskay Raider
Home country Canada Canada USA
Popular vote 1 0 0

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The November 2002 Leader Elections were the second ever FPH Leaderial Elections, and the first ones of which a forums record exists.

The Elections[]

They were supposed to be held several months earlier, but then the constitution which said that was lost in the dd coup and so they were pushed back to AoM release[1]. They were convincingly won by the incumbent Martin in an open vote[2].