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November 2010 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections

Apr 2010 ←
22 Nov 00:34 CET -
29 Nov 00:34 CET

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Turnout 11
  Hal.gif Golden Hippo.jpg Frog2008.jpg
Nominee Hal[1] The Golden Hippo SoggyFrog
Party none Revelation 12345 none
Home country USA Andorra[2] Canada
Votes after IRV 7 4 0
Popular vote 3 4 3
Percentage 27.2% 36.4% 27.2%

  Talon avatar.gif
Nominee Talon
Party none

Home country Texas
Votes after IRV 0
Popular vote 1
Percentage 9.1%

Purple Eminence before election

Shusky and Theias
Government of National Unity

Elected Purple Eminence


The November 2010 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections were kind of pathetic because no one voted and everyone argued. Hal won on a platform of changing the constitution to three simple sentences, then didn't~

Critical reaction[]

A profound bit of Soggy's campaign

The golden hippo smote the fucking forums[3]