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October 2007 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections

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21 Oct 2007 - 28 Oct 2007
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Turnout 23
  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Elpea Theias Darkflame
Party ??? ??? ???
Home country Brazil Canada Netherlands
Votes after IRV 12 11 0
Popular vote ?? ?? ??
Percentage ?? ?? ??

  Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Avenger Talon
Party ??? ???
Home country New Zealand USA
Votes after IRV 0 0
Popular vote ?? ??
Percentage ?? ??

Purple Eminence before election

Fluffy Party[1]

Elected Purple Eminence


The October 2007 elections happened.

the lecshuns[]

Elpea won them. They were also the first with IRV, and people thought it was rather fucked up.

There were possibly really cool campaign threads, but they're hard to find because during this retarded era we did all the campaigning in otd instead of in the election forum. Either that or there weren't any real campaigns at all and the elections sucked. Quite possible too