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April 2012 FPH Clan Purple Eminential Elections

April 2012 ←
16 October 2012 20:42 CET -
16 October 2012 20:42 CET

→ October 2012 (2,3,4)

Turnout 0
  Soggy gw2 avatar.png

Nominee Soggyfrog
Party none

Home country Canada
Votes after IRV n/a
Popular vote 0
Percentage 100%

Purple Eminence before election


Elected Purple Eminence


The October 2012 elections happened four times. The First October 2012 election was notable for electing Soggy without requiring any votes of any kind. This happened because Soggy was the only candidate nominated[1]. There was no controversy.[2]

Soggy's Great Reign[]

Soggy was immediately impeached for being an unrepentant canadian.[3] The requirement of 30% of the votees to request impeachment was, most surprisingly, met.[4]


  • Soggy's impeachment lasted longer than either his election or his actual reign.
  • Soggy's purple eminency was the most active one in years, making him an excellent leader in every possible way